Saturday, January 20, 2007

Really Stupid People Tricks

Michael Hussey over at Pushing Rope alerted me to one of the stupidest and mean spirited plans I've heard of from someone local in a long time. You have to read this and maybe like me, you still won't belive it:

Rachel Moran has the less-than-brilliant brainstorm of filming homeless people getting assaulted by her friends.

We are thinking about proving this nuisance and need for civil action by making a short film called “Eddie Rolls on the Homeless,” whereby Mark secretly videotapes me and Lil Sis in a variety of situations to see how many homeless people approach us and, then, how many of these situations escalate into harrassment. Then, he’s gonna videotape Eddie in the same scenarios, only Eddie is going to beat up every homeless person who escalates the contact after being told that his panhandling is illegal and annoying.

More from Michael Hussey's post:

Let's make this clear. What Moran proposes is illegal. This isn't funny. It's a crime and should be treated as such. Feel free to contact the St. Petersburg police department about this post.

District I
(southern St. Petersburg)

District II
(north and northeast - Including Downtown St. Petersburg)

District III
(western St. Petersburg)

Give them a call and let them know you want the police to do their duty to serve and protect.

And, yes, that includes the homeless.


Michael Hussey said...

Thanks for running this, Gene.

Michael Hussey said...

I have compiled a list of Sticks of Fire advertisers. It be good for the Tampa business community to know what's posted on that blog